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The CERAA will train you in every aspect of eco-construction, from the most general ones to the most specialised. This will enable you to develop new skills which will guide you towards a professional practice that integrates the standards of sustainable development.
We’ve developed and broadened our expertise in sustainable construction since the 2000s. Today, we’re passing on this knowledge gathered over the years with every mission we take on. We want to train professionals from the sector and share additional knowledge which will allow them to implement sustainability principles in their everyday practice.
Our training courses combine theoretical knowledge, the sharing of experience, practical exercises, direct exchanges with the trainer and concrete questions from the participants. Our aim is to provide skills that participants can use straightaway in their professional practice.
In order for this training to be as beneficial as possible, we often call on external speakers who are specialised in the topics taught, as well as passionate about their subject and determined.
We also believe that it could be useful to complete the training with a site visit which provides an illustration to the theoretical information provided in the lecture hall.
Our training courses can either be organised on request, in a format that suits your needs and which we’ll devise with you, or through the individual registration of participants so as to form groups of about 20 people.

Our assets as trainers

  • A wide network of professionals and specialists able to pass on their knowledge and experience with enthusiasm in a didactic and interactive format.
  • An overall and transversal approach which takes into account multidisciplinarity, the overlap between theory and practice, and the interaction between sustainable construction themes.
  • Thanks to our position in the fields of eco-construction and sustainable development since these concepts first appeared in Brussels architectural practice, we’ve developed an expertise which is recognised in the sector.
  • Satisfaction ratings of 90% on average among participants, a very positive evaluation ever since our first training courses in the late 2000s.

2 emblematic achievements

Brussels Environment – Sustainable Building Training Courses

Brussels Environment regularly calls on us to organise – or give talks at – many training courses on a variety of themes aimed at professionals of the construction sector. For example, we’ve been in charge of the following training courses:
  • Choosing sustainable building materials
  • Interior finishes
  • Indoor pollutants
  • Green roofs
  • External joinery
  • Reusing materials
  • Sustainable renovation
Each training course is designed according to the participants’ trade and their specific concerns. It includes technical and specialised lectures, illustrated with concrete examples, as well as practical exercises.

VIBE and Odissee – Post-graduate in “Bio-Ecological Construction”

We’ve taken part in this highly academic course several times already. Its teachings combine scientific ideas and concrete applications pertaining to sustainable construction.