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Forums and conferences

The CERAA organises eco-responsible events aimed at professionals and focussing on reflection and sharing around the sustainable construction and renovation of buildings within their context.
Since the early 2000s, we’ve been developing the organisation of information and awareness-raising events, as well as events focussing on in-depth reflection on the overlap between sustainable development and architecture. We always pay particular attention to the practical concerns raised by professionals in the way we formulate these moments.
We consider these events to be more than just a place of information exchange; we view them as places of openness and meeting, for sharing knowledge and experience. We’re proposing to discover the various themes linked to sustainability, focussed on construction and renovation, yet not ruling out more global reflections on the future of urbanism and population in the face of climatic challenges. Our aim is to organise moments of openness towards new horizons.
These events can be created in various formats, from a study day in a lecture hall to a discussion lunch to conferences, workshops, seminars, forums and round table meetings. Some of these formats can be combined, completed with an illustrative site visit, be the subject of a web-casting, or result in the drawing up of a report or proceedings.

Our assets as organisers

  • Our network of dedicated professionals boasting a variety of careers and who are keen on sharing their knowledge.
  • We offer contents that are suited to different types of public, according to their level of training or the required level of technical skills.
  • We pay particular attention to the sustainability of the events organised: catering supplier based near the event’s venue, seasonal and locally sourced food, venues with soft mobility access, use of sustainable equipment (cups, crockery, etc.), social and ethical commitment, etc.

2 emblematic achievements

Brussels Environment – Seminars on Sustainable Buildings

We organise these information seminars in partnership with the ICEDD and Cenergie. They’re aimed at professionals and focus on a range of sustainable construction issues, from EPB to acoustics, from passive building to building team work. Some of these have been the object of articles in the journal be.passive.

Sustainable Development Study Day

From 2000 to 2009, we organised an ambitious cycle of conferences which, each year, tackled in depth a theme at the forefront of sustainable architecture.