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Tool development

The CERAA develops or optimises tools at your convenience so as to make it easier for you to implement sustainable construction principles in your professional practice. These tools provide you with pertinent information in an accessible manner, thus meeting your concrete needs or those of your public.
Within this framework, we offer two types of services, including the most specific and concrete tools as well as the most comprehensive.
We’re able to create new tools such as analysis charts that highlight focus points, interpretation grids, automated calculation grids, assessment charts, comparison charts to help make a choice, or more encyclopaedic frames of reference.
We also offer to optimise existing tools, either as external experts or as an interface between designers and future users. Thus, we can review a tool, test a piece of software’s ergonomics, efficiency or intuitiveness, organise panels or round-table meetings bringing together profiles corresponding to the target public, check if the developed tool matches the objectives, ensure the tool is compatible with the professional practice in terms of workload or the gathering of information required for its use, etc.
We aim to make available as quickly as possible all information relevant and necessary to the professionals in their practice of sustainability in architecture.

Our assets as toolmakers

  • We develop tools that meet those needs specific to professionals
  • Thanks to their previous architectural practice or their work outside the CERAA, our employees are able to provide a technical and sound opinion on the tools that are about to be created or which are in their final development stages. They’re also aware of the expectations, requirements and needs of the professionals in the construction sector.
  • The development of a number of encyclopaedic tools has provided us with a transversal and specialised knowledge of the existing sustainable solutions.

2 emblematic achievements

Brussels Environment – “Sustainable Building Guide”

Sole writer of the first version of the Guide, the CERAA was then entrusted with the direction of its current version, with its encyclopaedic scope and IT format. This tool has become a reference in the field of eco-construction in Brussels.

Flesmish Region–Duurzaamheidsmeter Wijken

In partnership with evr-Architecten and the urban design office BRAT, we’ve optimised this tool for the certification of sustainable neighbourhoods by testing it in the field. The aim is to allow those working in the field to integrate as many sustainable development standards as possible into the creation or renovation of sustainable neighbourhoods.