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Advice and consultancy

The CERAA offers tailor-made support to help you integrate sustainable construction standards efficiently into your architectural project, from design stage to completion, and considers the range of possibilities for and with you. Our concrete advice and research enable you to improve your project’s environmental performance while taking into account its particular constraints.
The non-profit-making organisation has a long-term experience, both theoretical and practical, in the integration of sustainability standards into architectural building or renovation projects. We’re putting this experience at your service through comprehensive guidance for your project, acting as consultants on a specific aspect of the project, carrying out studies for you, directing you towards specific existing tools or answering your ad hoc technical questions.
We can step in at any stage of your project, from creation to post-completion management. We can provide overall advice or focus on key points pertaining to a specific sustainable construction theme.
The advice and consultancy services offered by our team include the following:
  • Preparatory analysis of sites and their potential in view of a future project,
  • Defining objectives in terms of energy performance and environmental impact that are suited to the project’s context and constraints (finances, time, urbanism, etc.) and ensuring these objectives are met during the works,
  • Rereading of the specifications for calls for tender and help with the integration of sustainability standards, laid down in a concrete and tangible manner, thus allowing an objective comparison of the tenderers,
  • Formulating concrete and technical advice pertaining to the themes specific to sustainable construction such as the choice of materials, water management, developing biodiversity on site, etc.
  • Taking part as eco-construction experts in architecture panels, selection or advice committees, and analysing the “sustainability” aspects of the projects submitted.

Our assets as advisers

  • Our technical knowledge and skills are recognised in the eco-construction and renovation sector.
  • Our professional network provides us with first-hand information, including concrete feedback.
  • We’ve developed, among other things, an expertise in the analysis of the Brussels built heritage and its specific features.

2 emblematic achievements

Brussels Environment - “Environment Specialist” at the Sustainable Building Facilitator Office

This free service offers professionals a range of technical information and guidance for architectural projects with ambitious goals in terms of energy and environment. Several Exemplary Buildings in Brussels have benefited from this service.

Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Assistance with the development of repeatable projects for sustainable schools

We helped the Federation, as part of a pilot project, with the integration of energy and environmental performance elements into an architectural procurement, and we supported them in their selection, analysis and monitoring work. We’ve drawn up documents allowing the re-use of the concept in other projects.