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The CERAA invites you to discover building sites or completed buildings (indeed, some already occupied) that were designed in accordance with sustainable building or renovation standards, and to meet their designers and builders in the field.
To have these high-profile stakeholders sharing their experience, on-site, is one of the best ways of discovering the progress Brussels has made in terms of eco-construction. It can also be combined with lecture hall activities.
We organise these visits and meetings, aimed at a diverse public with specific and particular requests, on a very regular basis. We have thus shown sites to delegations from Canada, China, Greece and France, as well as from different Belgian regions, groups from various institutions teaching architecture, professional societies or as part of trade shows.
These visits allow professionals to share their experience regarding a project’s process, strategy and evolution, as well as around the overall professional practice. This sharing takes place in a context of direct and informal exchanges, brimming with teachings and practical details. And where completed and already-in-use buildings are concerned, this information is enriched with feedback on living experience in the building, which is just as formative.
The format of our visits can be tailored to your needs, be it in terms of duration, themes, places or transport mode. Thus, we’ve already organised full-day visits of sustainable offices projects as well as discovery cycle trips on the theme of grouped dwellings, to name but a couple of examples.

Our assets as guides

  • Our activities provide a detailed view of current, in progress or completed sustainable projects in Brussels, among which the laureate projects “Exemplary Buildings”.
  • We have developed a large network and expertise in the practical organisation of visits of all types of formats, guided by people who are involved in the projects.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of matters pertaining to sustainable construction and of the Brussels and Belgian regulation and professional context puts us in an ideal position to show you sites that are at the forefront of eco-construction.
  • We’ve been organising this type of activity since 2008 and these past few years, we have organised nearly 20 visits a year.

2 emblematic achievements

Brussels Environment – Visit of Sustainable Buildings in Brussels

The visits we organise were at first focussed on Exemplary Buildings, but now they include all sustainable buildings in Brussels. Delegations from all geographical and professional areas, all with their various concerns, have taken an interest in them. Furthermore, they offer a space for meetings, exchanges and sometimes an opportunity to set up partnerships. The level of satisfaction of our participants is excellent (between 85 and 100%).

Brussels Environment – Visit of the Head Office at Tour et Taxis

Since 2014, we’ve been conducting visits of this passive office building, one of the largest in Belgium and a true showcase of sustainable construction standards, from public spaces to technical premises.